HSY228 – Picochlorum oculata

HSY Number: 228
Taxonomy: Chlorophyta – Trebouxiophyceae – Chlorellales – Picochlorum
Strain: Picochlorum oculata
Culture Media: L1, 1/2SWES
Origin: Skate Pt/. Isle of Cumbrae, Scotland, United Kingdom
Description of Location: supralitoral rock pool
Type Culture: NO
Collection: M.R. Droop (Summer 1953)
Isolation: M.R. Droop (1953)
Isolation Number: Millport 66 (aka SMBA 66 as Nannochloris oculata)
Deposition: M. Turner (SMBA Oban) (Sep/1985)
Strain Relatives: UTEX2164, CCAP849/1, SAG38.85, CCMP525 (aka CCMP 66, WHOI 66), NIVA 3/04
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Notes: Nannochloropsis oculata에서 이름변경
Link: https://utex.org/products/utex-2164
https://sagdb.uni-goettingen.de/detailedList.php?str_number=38.85 https://ncma.bigelow.org/ccmp525#.XO9GmYgzaUk

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