HSY227 – Picochlorum oklahomensis

HSY Number: 227
Taxonomy: Chlorophyta – Trebouxiophyceae – Chlorellales – Picochlorum
Strain: Picochlorum oklahomensis
Culture Media: L1
Origin: Alfalfa County, Oklahoma USA (authentic strain)
Description of Location: Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge
Type Culture: YES
Collection: (Jun/1998)
Isolation: Henley, W (25/Jun/1998)
Isolation Number: SPNWR 980625-4A
Deposition: Henley, W (12/Aug/2003)
Strain Relatives: UTEX2795, CCMP2329, SPNWR 980625-4A
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Link: https://ncma.bigelow.org/ccmp2329#.XO9FaIgzaUk

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