HSY138 – Galdieria sulphuraria

HSY Number: 138
Taxonomy: Rhodophyta – Cyanidiophyceae – Cyanidiales – Galdieria
Strain: Galdieria sulphuraria
Culture Media: Acid + Glucose Ag, Acid + Glucose Ag
Origin: Wyoming, USA
Description of Location: acid (pH 3-4) hot spring in Yellowstone Natl. Park
Type Culture: YES
Collection: M. B. Allen (legit A. C. Giese) (between 1953 and 1954)
Isolation: M. B. Allen
Isolation Number: C-14.1.2 as Cyanidium caldarium
Deposition: M. B. Allen (Mar/1963)
Strain Relatives: SAG 108.79
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Link: https://sagdb.uni-goettingen.de/detailedList.php?str_number=108.79

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