HSY084 – Porphyridium sordidum

HSY Number: 084
Taxonomy: Rhodophyta – Porphyridiophyceae – Porphyridiales – Porphyridium
Strain: Porphyridium sordidum
Culture Media: DY-V, Black Sea
Origin: Massachusetts, USA
Description of Location: 42.3751N 72.5199W between floor bricks in old greenhouse at University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Type Culture: NO
Collection: F.D. Ott (21/Apr/1966)
Isolation: F.D. Ott (03/May/1966)
Isolation Number: O250
Deposition: F.D. Ott (22/Dec/1999)
Strain Relatives: CCMP1946, MA, O250, SAG114.79
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Link: https://ncma.bigelow.org/ccmp1946#.XRMU3OgzaUk

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