HSY023 – Nemalionopsis shawii

HSY Number: 023
Taxonomy: Rhodophyta – Florideophyceae – Nemaliophycidae – Thoreales – Nemalionopsis
Strain: Nemalionopsis shawii
Culture Media: DY-V, BB; B; sub, BOLD 1NV Medium
Origin: Hanabusa, Kikuchi-City, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan
Description of Location: Freshwater,Hanabusa, Kiuchi-City, Kumamota Prefecture
Type Culture: NO
Collection: Michiyasu Mori (Feb/1973)
Isolation: F.D. Ott (Mar/1973)
Isolation Number: O226
Deposition: F.D. Ott (Apr/1994)
Strain Relatives: UTEX LB 2737, O226, CCAP 1376/2, SAG 42.94
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Nemalionopsi tortuosa에서 이름 변경(RedTol 근거20170525)
Link: https://utex.org/products/utex-lb-2737

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